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Wedding Customer

Wedding Customer

Wedding Customer


I heard about Decipher Dance through Facebook, when my wife and I were planning our wedding we knew we wanted to showcase our personalities through an awesome and quirky First Dance routine.  

I contacted Bobbie at Decipher Dance to discuss a package that would suit our needs. We wanted our whole bridal party to be involved and Bobbie was extremely helpful in tailoring a package to accommodate our vision with affordable prices. 

We wanted to do a mash up of songs and Bobbie was able to assist us with everything from song choice to music cuts. 

We were nervous to dance in front of so many people, even though they were people we were close to. Having all eyes on you is always a daunting thought, so we knew we needed something we loved, could relate to but most of all something that was fun to do! 

Our dance was a mixture of traditional bridal waltz, fun choreographed routine and ballroom dance. It was everything we envisioned and was so fun to perform. We looked forward to it on the day and Bobbie even came to provide moral support before the big event! 

Bobbie and the Team at Decipher Dance go above and beyond to ensure that your first dance is special, memorable but most of all that you are comfortable and relaxed when you step onto the dance floor. 

I cannot recommend Decipher Dance more! If you want a First dance that is one to remember, from simple waltz to full choreographed routine, Bobbie and the Team at Decipher Dance are the place to go! 

- Anthony Bennett 


Dance Dad

Wedding Customer

Wedding Customer


Proud dad moment...😊...
Tonight i saw the 2nd best move to date we have done for our kids ( first being moving to Moe and school's) . Changing our girl's dance school to Decipher dance was a life change for them that couldn't have been any better. 

My girls have come so far in the short time they have been with Decipher, The confidence they now have is just fantastic. Very proud of the 3 of them especially Maddey but the biggest by far in where she was a few year's back is Abigail Ransley. She blew me away watching her tonight so very proud and for that i thank Decipher dance the teachers and especially Bobbie Viney for helping Abby and the girls to come out of their shell.

 A fantastic show tonight and the food WOW. The way i see it is their previous school lost 3 "student's" and Decipher gained 3 dancers and friend's.😉.... 😁

Well done girl's and all involved.